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Where Does Music Take You?

Saturday, 4 July 2015


It's Saturday night and I'm writing a blog, 'relax and enjoy the weekend' I can hear you say, well I am, the sun is shining the birds are singing and I've cracked on a mix that our Head of Global Media Produced a few days ago, I've only just managed to get an hour to myself to enjoy it, and enjoy it I am. 

So this post isn't about Rich and how fabulous he is, he even runs his own label but we'll save that for another time, it's about where this mix took me on the musical journey in my mind.  

It's true music has an emotive connection, it can move you, make you happy, sad, remind you of good times and bad. Its been a while since I went to ibiza, I reckon 6 years (man, I feel old now). Since then I haven't really exposed myself to a Balearic House music sound as I've enjoyed discovering new artists and bands whilst producing the imagesound sessions. It was September 2009 when I went with a few friends and had the best time, from Pacha to Space and everything in-between we did it. I could go on forever about beaches, bars and nights you should check out but I'd be meandering off course and away from my point. 

My point is the mix took me to sunsets on the rocks by Cafe Del Mar in San Antonio, without doubt one of, if not the best thing to do on the island that won't cost you a single penny. There's an atmosphere at the sunsets you can almost feel, hundreds will gather with a collective appreciation of just how lucky you are to be there to witness it,  it's electric, and when the sun goes down the party can start. 

In almost an instant music took me right back there, to memories of great times with great friends. 

Where does music take you? 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

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